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Kiln Dried - No Wet Weight!

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Dacite Porphyry 60-70%
Quartz 25-35%
Ceramic Coating 2-5%
Inorganic Pigments 0.1-1%
Oil <0.5%

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Midnight Black Substrate
Maximum Granule of 02mm


SubstrateSource 'colored' products are ceramically coated minerals that have been proven in long-term field performance and accelerated weathering tests. The granules come in various shades and can be easily mixed to create completely new looks--see our full selection. Consider colored sand for use in your fish or planted tanks, reptile habitats, artistic creations and more. Take advantage of our sample service to make sure this is the color you are looking for!

Color, weight and volume may vary slightly due to natural variation. Although all of our substrates have been pre-screened and rinsed, we recommend a single rinse prior to use as dust may have accumulated.

50 in³
3 pounds

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars!, 2011-03-05  
Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

Very nice, 2011-01-06  
By N56 Verified Purchase
5 stars, guys (and girls?). How do I upload a pic of my tank?

Great Stuff, 2010-12-21  
By J. Verified Purchase
I finally decided to purchase this after browsing around for different types of substrates for my aquarium. The grain is perfect and what I was looking for. It has a nice texture that isn't sharp. Not too small or big and won't get sucked up very easily by a gravel vacuum, though it does take practice to vacuum a sand-like substrate. The color is very dark and poured clear, even after a lot of washing (which is recommended) the color did not fade.

The only thing I didn't like was the large amount of an oily film that did come up after soaking the substrate in a bucket for washing. It was a lot more than I had expected, but it did go away quickly after a decent amount of washing. It was a lot less washing that I had to do on any other type of aquarium substrate though.

I do recommend this if anyone is looking for a nice sand-like dark substrate for their aquarium. I do plan on ordering more when needed but the large box I ordered will last me for a while.

Thumbs up!, 2010-12-06  
By Derek C.
Love this stuff. Plants happy! Looks great. Postman asked if I bought a box of rocks (guess he was commenting on the weight of the box). Almost snapped "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" but instead said, "Nope. Sand!" I'm not sure if he thought I was joking :)

n/a, 2010-12-02  
By fish-y-fish Verified Purchase
"My box was beat to hell but survived. Looks nice in my daughter's new aquarium."

Black GOLD?, 2010-11-23  
By Mr. Fo Verified Purchase
"I realize there are two camps in the substrate game. Sure ADA aquasoil is great stuff, but it's insanely expensive + shipping and loses it's punch after awhile anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of AS, but i thought I'd give this substrate source stuff a shot. It's inert (pours in crystal clear too), so I bought some rootmedic ferts. Great color. Nice texture. EASY to plant. So far so good... "



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