Catappa Essence 30 Ml
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Tantora Catappa Essence - 30 mL

Catappa Essence 30 mL with 0 star rating

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  • 30 mL bottle
  • Stimulates shrimp immune system and enhances coloration
  • Highly concentrated Catappa Leaf extract (Indian Almond Leaf)
  • 100% Natural water conditioner for Betta fish & freshwater dwarf shrimp

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Tantora Catappa Essence 30 mL  Tantora Catappa Essence is the highly concentrated extract of Catappa 'Indian Almond Leaves.' It takes 75 leaves to make each bottle of Catappa Essence. Catappa Essence contains natural vitamins and nutrients that benefit and strengthen the health of your fish and shrimp. Use 1 - 2 drops per gallon. The liquid form of Catappa Essence provides you with convenient and instant access to all of the benefits of Catappa Leaves without the hassle of preparing leaves.

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