Tantora Shrimp Series Micro Active - 60 mL

Micro Active 60 mL with 0 star rating

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  • Specially formulated for freshwater dwarf shrimp (Neocaridina, Caridina, etc.)
  • Bacterial & enzyme supplement
  • Helps boost shrimp digestive systems
  • Conditions and improves water quality
  • 60 mL bottle

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Tantora Micro Active 60 mL  Tantora Shrimp Series Micro Active contains live and active bacteria that break down aquarium waste. Micro Active is specially formulated to condition water for freshwater dwarf shrimp. Micro Active also contains probiotics that help with shrimp digestion and growth rate.

Micro Active is highly concentrated - only 1 mL is required per 50 liters (13 gallons) or 1 drop per 1 - 2 gallons. 60ml bottle.

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