MK-BREED White Crystal Bee Shrimp Food - 50 Grams

White Crystal Shrimp Food 50 Grams with 0 star rating

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  • Resealable pouch - 50 grams
  • Specially formulated for Crystal White Bee Caridina Shrimp
  • Boosts survival rate and feeding response
  • Increases growth rate, exoskeleton thickness, and coloration
  • Great for both adult and baby shrimp

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MK-BREED White Crystal Shrimp Food 50 Grams  Specifically designed for Growth of crystal shrimp, this product contains only natural ingredients. MK-Breed White Crystal contains many highly nutritious ingredients : natural Japanese spirulina, high quality protein extracted from natural seaweed, amino acids, high quality multivitamins and probiotics, minerals, and brewers' yeast. The added probiotics specially formulated by MK-Breed will improve the digestive system, and shrimps' food intake utilization. These are important for the growth and survival of shrimps in early stage to adulthood. This product has high palatability, and is efficiently absorbed by adult and juvenile shrimps. No artificial food flavoring is added to this product.

Feeding Instructions: Feed three to four times a week. Use other MK-Breed shrimp food for the rest of the week to achieve a balance and comprehensive nutrient intake for shrimps.

This product contains only natural ingredients and no artificial additives. Special processing is done to minimize water pollution.

Note: This product is used for ornamental aquarium shrimps and not intended for human consumption.

Guaranteed Analysis:Protein 48% minimum Crude Fat 5% minimum Crude Fiber 12% maximum Ash 8% maximum Moisture 5% maximum

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