SubstrateSource Professional Stainless Steel Aquarium Aquascaping Spring Scissors - 4.5 Inch

Professional Spring Scissors 4 5 Inch with 0 star rating

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  • Protective "Titanium Black" coating
  • Small, curved blades for very detailed pruning
  • Small (4.5 inch length) for handling ease and extra detailed work
  • Spring design minimizes strain while aquascaping
  • Carrying case included!

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SubstrateSource Professional Spring Scissors 4 5 Inch  One pair of SubstrateSource "Micro" Aquascaping Spring Scissors with black carrying case. Our Pro Series tools have a Titanium Black coating which provides added rust resistance as well as a beautiful, sleek look. The spring handle and small blade allow you to make precision cuts; this tool is especially useful for exact trimming of stem plants. These scissors are SMALL (only 4.5 inch approximate length).

The scissors may appear larger than their actual size, depending on your screen size.

For the best results, clean and dry after each use. Use with caution and under adult supervision. Non-sterile use only.

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