Straight Tweezers Straight Tip - 11 Inch

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These stainless steel forceps (tweezers) are great for general aquarium maintenance, planting aquarium plants, and feeding your fish, reptiles, and amphibians! Use these tweezers to skillfully bury your plant roots deep into the substrate or move small stones around your aquarium.

For the best results, clean and dry after each use. Use with caution and under adult supervision. Non-sterile use only.
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1 Review

Rory Jun 25th 2013

Amazing Quality at an Unbelievable Price

I was astounded by the quality of these tweezers for the price. I have in the past paid more than double for what ended up being lightweight junk, not the case with these. These are stout tools that will last for as long as I keep them. Highly recommend.

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