#3003 Manzanita Branch Natural Driftwood

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We love this one of a kind branched Manzanita piece and can see it being used in a wide range of layouts. It's been sand-blasted to bring out its natural golden color (in case you want to use it as a dry decorative piece). In an aquarium, go fully planted with tied mosses, ferns, and/or Anubias... or even completely bare in a hardscape-only tank on a bed of supporting stones. Manzanita, like Spider Wood can develop a "fuzz" or film during the first part of the aging process. Snails, rasping fish (Plecos, Otos, etc.), and shrimp should clean up the wood naturally. Like most other wood pieces, Manzanita will darken significantly once the wood is fully hydrated. This piece is approximately 20" x 11" 15"