SubstrateSource Neritina turrita 'Mixed Nerites' - 1 Snail

Neritina turrita Mixed Nerite 1 Snail with 0 star rating

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  • One (1) live freshwater Nerite snail
  • Cannot reproduce in freshwater - no snail overpopulation
  • Randomly selected - from 1/8 - 1/2 inch sizes
  • Excellent surface algae eater
  • SubstrateSource Care Guide included

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SubstrateSource Neritina turrita Mixed Nerite 1 Snail  SubstrateSource Neritina turrita,"Mixed Nerite Snails," are a random assortment of mixed nerite snails. The snail shells are various shades of red, brown, yellow, and black with different markings and patterns. These snails are non-aggressive and will not disturb the other animals in your system. A great addition to your freshwater aquarium, Mixed Nerites are excellent algae eaters and cannot reproduce in pure freshwater (no snail overpopulation).

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