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Pro Tip: For optimal growth, avoid burying the rhizome (thick stem portion at base of leaves). Propagate by cutting rhizome and reattaching to hardscape.

Difficulty Easy
Light Demand Low
pH 6.0 - 8.0
kH 3 - 15
Growth Rate Slow
Growth Outward from rhizome
CO2 Not required
Temperature 65 - 85°F
Zone Tie to hardscape / Midground / Background
Origin Cultivar


  • Grows long, lance-shaped (lanceolate) leaves
  • Taller than other Anubias species, but just as flexible in terms of water parameters and lighting
  • Live freshwater aquarium plant with SubstrateSource Anubias Care Guide included

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SubstrateSource Anubias sp Frazeri Pot  A hybrid of Anubias barteri and Anubias congensis, A. frazeri has lance-shaped leaves and grows tall enough to be placed in the background of a freshwater aquarium. This freshwater aquatic plant can grow both above and below the water line, making it a great candidate for terrariums and vivariums as well as aquariums.

Anubias species is known to tolerate tough tank conditions, including ones created by herbivorous fish such as goldfish. Consider adding Anubias hybrid Frazeri to your aquarium; not only will it add natural beauty, it will also help filter biological waste produced by your aquarium animals.

'Frazeri' does not need substrate; in fact, it prefers to be tied to hardscape such as driftwood. Use tying thread to tie the plant to hardscape and allow the plant to attach itself. Be sure to keep the rhizome and leaves clean, free from detritus to promote healthy growth and prevent algae problems.

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