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Pro Tip: For optimal growth, avoid burying the rhizome (thick stem portion at base of leaves). Propagate by cutting rhizome and reattaching to hardscape.

Difficulty Easy
Light Demand Low
pH 6.0 - 8.0
kH 3 - 15
Growth Rate Slow
Growth Outward from rhizome
CO2 Not required
Temperature 65 - 85°F
Zone Tie to hardscape / Midground / Background
Origin Africa


  • Robust like other Anubias species but grows elongated, more slender leaves
  • Able to grow emersed and submersed, adding a unique look to aquariums when allowed to breach water's surface
  • Live freshwater aquarium plant with SubstrateSource Anubias congensis Care Guide included

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SubstrateSource Anubias congensis Pot  Like other Anubias sp., Anubias barteri variation congensis is a robust plant that is often used in cichlid aquariums. Not only can it tolerate minimal light, but its tough, leathery leaves are generally left alone by fish; this frees the plant to function as a natural, biological filter, purifying water by absorbing nitrogenous waste. Add beauty while improving the overall health of your aquarium through these resilient freshwater aquarium plants.

Compared to its cousins, A. congensis grows longer, narrower leaves that extend from long stems, which can create a free-flowing look in your aquarium. The leaves form an acute shape, similar to Anubias frazeri's lanceolate-shaped leaves, but without such a narrow tip.

'Congensis' can be planted in substrate; however, as is expected with Anubias species, it prefers to be attached to driftwood or stone. Simply use tying thread to tie the plant to hardscape, and overtime, its rhizome and roots will grow along the surface of the hardscape to attach itself.

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