SubstrateSource Microsorum pteropus 'Short Large Java Fern Mat'

Microsorum pteropus Short Large Mat with 0 star rating

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Pro Tip: Plant as-is or separate into smaller portions to maximize growth potential.

Difficulty Easy
Light Demand Low
pH 6.0 - 8.0
Growth Rate Slow
Growth Outward from rhizome
CO2 Not required
Temperature 70 - 85F
Zone Tie to hardscape
Origin Asia (Farm grown)


  • 3 - 5 inch tall leaves. Base is made of coco fiber and is approximately 3 by 5 inches
  • Dense mat growth of 30+ leaves.
  • Live freshwater aquarium plant with SubstrateSource Microsorum pteropus Java Fern Care Guide included.


SubstrateSource Microsorum pteropus Short Large Mat  SubstrateSource Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) can be grown fully submersed under water and with low light. Though not required, the 3 x 4 inch coco fiber mat, which the Java Fern are grown on, can be easily removed with sharp scissors. For optimal growth, tie the plant to wood or rocks.

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