SubstrateSource Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia 'Water Trumpet' - Pot

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Difficulty Easy
Light Demand Low
pH 6.0 - 8.0
kH 3 - 15
Growth Rate Slow
Growth Rosulate stolon
CO2 Recommended but not required
Temperature 65 - 80°F
Zone Midground / Background
Origin Indonesia


  • Green, arrow-shaped (hastate) leaves
  • Less prone to "melting" than other Cryptocoryne species
  • Live freshwater aquarium plant with SubstrateSource Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia Care Guide included

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SubstrateSource Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia Pot  Unlike most Cryptocoryne species, pontederiifolia is less prone to "melting." Coupled with its low light demands and adaptability to a wide range of water conditions, this freshwater aquatic plant is an alternative to Anubias species that actually likes being planted into substrate.

Endemic to marshes and riverbanks, C. pontederiifolia is suited to grow both emersed and submersed. It has broader leaves than most "Crypts" and has lime-green coloration. Though it is slow to establish itself in a new aquarium, once it does, it can grow densely.

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