SubstrateSource Alternanthera reineckii Mini - Tissue Culture Cup

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Pro Tip: Frequent trimming will keep this plant growing short and dense. Stay diligent and you can create a stunning red carpet.

Difficulty Intermediate
Light Demand Medium
pH 6.0 - 7.0
kH 3 - 8
Growth Rate Medium
Growth On stem, from plant nodes
CO2 Recommended but not required
Temperature 70 - 85F
Zone Midground / Background
Origin Cultivar


  • SubstrateSource In Vitro Tissue Culture Cup
  • Grown through tissue culture process - pest free
  • Live freshwater aquarium plant with SubstrateSource Alternanthera reineckii Care Guide included.

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SubstrateSource Alternanthera reineckii Mini TC Cup  SubstrateSource Alternanthera reineckii "Mini" in our tissue culture cup, is a clean and convenient way to add Alternanthera Mini to your freshwater planted aquarium. AR Mini is a leafy, compact, red and green stem plant. The tissue culture growing processes propagates the plant in a pest-free environment and with all of the essential nutrients for exceptionally healthy plants. Simply rinse away any residual media that may be attached to the roots and the mat is ready to portion out and plant into your substrate. As with all SubstrateSource plants, you will receive our illustrated care guide to help you along.

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