SubstrateSource Nymphaea stellata 'Dwarf Lily' Bulb

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Pro Tip: Leaves will naturally approach water surface and float. Encourage compact growth by trimming the runaways!

Difficulty Easy
Light Demand Low
Growth Rate High
Growth Bulb
CO2 Not required
Zone Midground / Background / Drop in Place


  • Bulbs are shipped sprouting so you do not have to worry about getting duds
  • Live freshwater aquarium plant with SubstrateSource Nymphaea stellata Care Guide included.

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SubstrateSource Nymphaea stellata Bulb  SubstrateSource Nymphaea stellata 'Dwarf Lily' Bulbs add a splash of color to your aquarium. All of our Dwarf Lilies ship with plants already emerging from the bulb. Simply press the bulb about half way down into the substrate and allow the plants to root naturally around the bulb. Depending on your lighting conditions, the color of the leaves can shift to shades of gold, brown, purple, or green. Under lower light, the leaves are generally pointy or arrow shaped. It's normal for Dwarf Lilies to produce "lilypad" floating leaves. If you prefer the submerged, more compact form, simply trim the reaching leaves before they reach the surface.

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