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SubstrateSource Leaf Green Colored Sand - Sample

Leaf Green Sand Sample with 0 star rating


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  • Sample - approximately 1 tablespoon
  • Uniform size and texture (~2 mm granules)
  • Beautiful aquarium substrate
  • Pre-rinsed - low dust
  • Great for crafts and hobbies

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[Free shipping] SubstrateSource Leaf Green Sand Sample  SubstrateSource 'colored' products are ceramically coated minerals that have been proven in long-term field performance and accelerated weathering tests. The granules come in various shades and can be easily mixed to create completely new looks. Aquarists can use this product in their fish tanks and planted tanks. Individuals that keep reptiles will enjoy the stark contrast to their animals. Non-pet owners enjoy using this product as decorative sand in their artistic creations. Take advantage of our sample service to make sure this is the color you are looking for!

Color, weight and volume may vary slightly due to natural variation. Although all of our substrates have been pre-rinsed, we recommend that you rinse once before using to remove any dust particles that may have collected.

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