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SubstrateSource Red Lava Natural Gravel - Sample

Red Lava Gravel Sample with 5.0 star rating


In stock.


  • Sample - approximately 1 tablespoon
  • Plants love it - highly porous

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[Free shipping] SubstrateSource Red Lava Gravel Sample  SubstrateSource Natural Lava Gravel is a highly porous substrate for use in freshwater aquariums. The lava has been screened to remove large granules and can be used as a complete aquarium substrate system.

Nutrients: The lava has not been treated with additives or altered from its naturally inert state; however, it does have a high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). CEC is a measure of a substrate's ability to store and release compounds including critical nutrients for healthy plant growth. These nutrients are absorbed from fish waste or fertilizers added to the aquarium and made available in the substrate bed, at the root site.

Color & Size: SubstrateSource Natural Lava Gravel is available in two, naturally occurring colors, Volcano Red and Volcano Black. Since this is a naturally produced product, you can expect there to be some variation in the color of the substrate granules. The substrate is screened for a more uniform consistency, but the size and shape of the granules varies. Please view the secondary photo for size reference.

In the Aquarium: The irregular shape of the lava granules helps keep the substrate bed from compacting over time. This promotes healthy rooting of aquatic plants and the stable colonization site for beneficial microbes and bacteria that filter aquarium water.

Application: Our Lava Gravel is packaged and shipped dry and so, friction during shipping or handling may generate small particles or dust. We recommend that you rinse the substrate prior to use. The shipping box and substrate bag are recyclable. Alternative use of this product include use as a bonsai top-dressing, soil amendment, aquarium or pond filter media, and craft projects.

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Red Lava Gravel Sample with 5.0 star rating  5.0 out of 5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)

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Love It

5 star review by customer 60GPlanted for Red Lava Gravel Sample by on December 1, 2010Verified Purchase

I bought 3 boxes and they've all arrived now. Everything looks great. Tested some in a clear vase about two hours ago and the water is totally clear now. I was impressed by the Substrate Source YouTube video and was a bit skeptical at first, but I believe it now! Can't wait to get my tank set up. I will definitely submit it as a Creative and you can see my progress.


5 star review by customer Kim for Red Lava Gravel Sample by on November 26, 2010Verified Purchase

I ordered on Wednesday and got it next day.....super fast service and product looks good so far. I'll post if anything changes. I must say I was a bit worried since I found SS through FB. Glad things worked out.