Mr. Aqua Aquarium Soil Substrate - Small Granules - Sample

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  • Special formula for Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp, Aquarium Plants, Bettas, and other fish
  • Provides nutrients for rooting plants and promotes healthy bacteria
  • Reduces aquarium water pH
  • Sample - small granule size
  • Made in Japan

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[Free shipping] Mr. Aqua Aquarium Soil Small Sample  Mr. Aqua Aquarium Soil is created using a specific proprietary blend of organic and inert ingredients. The granular soil provides essential elements as well as a stabilizes pH to create an ideal rooting media for aquatic plants. The soil buffers water pH to 6.6 - 6.8, depending on water parameters. Many freshwater dwarf shrimp and fish prefer the acidic, soft water environment that Mr. Aqua soil helps recreate.

1 liter is approximately 4 cups of substrate. It is normal for there to be some cloudiness when this product is first added to the aquarium.

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