Blood Diamond Minerals, Vitamins, & Chitin Freshwater Shrimp - 200 mL

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Blood diamond minerals vitamins and chitin freshwater shrimp supplement 200 ml


MK-Breed Blood Diamond is made from high concentration of mineral, multi-vitamins, and chitin to increase the effective mineral content in aquarium environment. When combined with the use of MK-BREED Z-Silver Powder, they can rapidly create the micro-biotic system and balanced mineral content in aquarium environment that supplies the complete demands of mineral, nutrients, and vitamins for aquatic lives. This product will improve the growth of aquatic animal and maintain the balance in the environment. The chitin and other minerals in this product will provide the necessary nutrients for healthy molting, metabolism, and breeding. They will also increase the effectiveness of food intake and help the digest system. This product also controls and reduces the growth of fungus and increases disease resistance.

Usage: For new tank setup, add 10 mL for every 100 liters (~25 gallons) of water. For maintenance, add 10 mL to 100 liters (~25 gallons) of water weekly. For water changes, add 10 mL per every 20 liters (~5 gallons) of new water. Use half dosage for saltwater applications. Avoid overdosing.

Not for human consumption, keep away from the reach of children. If this product is splashed into the eyes, flush eyes with clean water. Store in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight.