Small Seiryu Style Stone - Our Choice

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One small stone--Our choice.

Beyond using plants and substrate in your aquarium, you can also introduce rock features to create special designs. Seiryu style stones are commonly used in Iwagumi style nature aquarium layouts, but they're also suited for other styles. The stone has characteristic edges and crevices, and can be used in combination with driftwood. We hand select these medium stones to complement larger hardscape stones or driftwood, or to be used as weighted base pieces for Anubias, Mosses, Bucephalandras, or Java Ferns.

The stones in the example photos are photographed dry and may appear different under your aquarium lighting and when submerged under water. Rinse before use to remove any dust that may have accumulated during shipping. The stones are natural and will increase water hardness and pH in most aquariums. Over time, with water changes, these impacts on water chemistry should lessen, but the timeframe is impacted by the aquarium size, and the characteristics of the unique stones.