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Pro Tip: Do not rinse before use as it will reduce effectiveness of the substrate. Any cloudiness in water caused by substrate should clear up within 48 hours.


  • Buffering substrate, naturally lowers pH (great for freshwater shrimp such as Caridina cantonensis) as well as softens aquarium water without adding chemicals
  • Nutrient rich, specially formulated for freshwater aquatic plants
  • Granule size and shape is ideal for encouraging development of strong plant root systems
  • No rinse required and maintains uniform shape, will not disintegrate with normal use
  • Encourages growth of healthy bacteria essential for healthy freshwater aquariums


Controsoil is a complete, multipurpose aquarium soil that is volcanic in origin. It lightly acidifies and softens aquarium water to create an environment conducive to fish, invertebrates (including freshwater dwarf shrimp), and plants that must be maintained in these conditions (e.g. aquatic organisms originating in tropical rainforest habitats).

Specialty aquarium soils go through a manufacturing process that allow them to maintain their uniform shape and size. The shape and size of Marfied Controsoil soil encourages strong root development in aquatic plants. On top of benefiting aquarium plants, Controsoil granules serve as colonization sites for beneficial microorganisms that improve overall water quality.

Controsoil will not disintegrate or cloud aquarium water; the product helps to clarify water and also removes impurities. Controsoil may be used as a substrate in all freshwater aquaria, not just those housing plants. Marfied Controsoil is often used as the substrate for aquariums housing Caridina species freshwater dwarf shrimp (also known as Crystal Shrimp) and other animals that require stable water parameters.


Freshwater Aquarium Setup Instructions

  1. Place desired amount of Marfied Controsoil in an empty aquarium. To create a pleasing, visual effect, we recommend sloping your substrate gradually from the rear of your aquariums down towards the front. For planted aquariums, we recommend 2 inches or more substrate depending on the plants you intend to use. Do not rinse.
  2. Add aquarium plants based on your design. Keep in mind, some plants will not thrive when planted into substrate. Please follow the planting instructions included with your plant. We recommend keeping a spray bottle with water handy to keep your plants moist during the planting process.
  3. Gradually fill your aquarium with water, being careful not to disturb the substrate. Your aquarium water should stay relatively clear.
  4. Let your aquarium "cycle" for at least 2 weeks before adding freshwater animals.


Maintenance Notes

  1. When possible, avoid disrupting the substrate bed during water changes and other routine maintenance.
  2. If you are using reverse osmosis filtered water to conduct water changes, we recommend remineralizing the water to maximize the useful life of your aquarium soil.