Browse our selection of Betta foods specifically created for Betta splendens. While it's true that most fish aren't picky eaters and Betta fish will likely eat traditional fish flakes, we offer a selection of specialty food that cater to the specific needs of these beautiful fish. Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish, naturally have a protein-rich diet made primarily of mosquito larvae and other insects. If you've observed insect larvae, they tend to stay near the water's surface; thus, most Betta foods are designed to float to make the food easier to spot. Also, Betta foods are normally made into small pellets so the specially formulated, protein-rich food can be eaten more easily.  

It is important to note that most Betta splendens we find available today come from breeders. It's hard to know exactly what your fish is accustomed to eating. That being said, getting your Betta to eat is a matter of trial and error, patience, and some luck. We've had good experiences with the food listed here and once you've found something that works, use it as your staple food while supplementing with other foods for some variety. 

Be sure to remove uneaten food, if left in an aquarium, the food can dirty the water and grow unwanted pests.