Live Aquarium Plants

Live aquatic plants make great additions to Betta aquariums. Not only do plants absorb harmful biological waste that can become toxic to animals when left to build up in aquariums, aquarium plants also add dynamic beauty and points of interest in your aquarium. While it is common to see plastic plants used in Betta fish tanks, plastic plants really serve no ecological purpose in your aquarium. While plastic plants do create a certain aesthetic that some prefer, ultimately we feel that live plants are a better addition to Betta splendens homes. 

The growth from plants will keep your aquarium changing, your water cleaner, and your Betta interested. Siamese fighting fish are natural hunters and can regularly be seen exploring the crevices created by plants to hunt or find resting/hiding spots. Browse our selection of low-maintenance, low-light, easy-level plants that are perfect for Betta aquariums.